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Registering a Business Name

Do I need to Register my Business Name?

Yes - if you wish to form a limited company you must register your company with Companies House.

No - if you are a sole trader you just need to register with HMRC as self-employed. It has not been necessary to register the actual business name since 1982.

How do I register my Business Name?

If forming a limited company you can:

  • Form directly with Companies House

  • Use an accountant

  • Use a company formation agent

If starting out as a Sole Trader you just need to register with HMRC as self-employed.

Time & Cost for Registering a Company Name

Companies House (Paper)

The normal service is £40 and formation takes 8-10 days once documentation has been received. The same-day service is £100 and formation is on the same day as long as documentation is received before 3pm.


Speed and cost depends entirely on the accountant although prices are often at the higher end of the spectrum.

Company Formation Agent

Can normally have a company formed within 3 working hours.

Often competitively priced (as little as £16.99) but cost will depend on the exact service you opt for.


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